The Solution is in the Question

Joe Gornick
Written by Joe Gornick
on August 01, 2011

Having problems finding a solution to a problem? Feeling a bit adrift and need some clarity of direction or perhaps a new direction? You may actually know the answers or have a solution – but, for some reason, a door is closed in your mind that prevents you from seeing it. That’s where questions can help. Sometimes asking yourself different questions can help unlock closed doors in your thinking. Read further >

Two Critical Questions

Craig Koller
Written by Craig Koller
on February 07, 2011

Whenever businesses decide to launch a “big production” – a corporate video, a live event, a major campaign, etc. – it’s easy to get caught up in the logistics and details and lose sight of the fundamental goal, the purpose for making this production in the first place. Whether you want to “make a splash” or “get your name out there” or “put it to the competition,” there’s just too much money and too many resources involved to not ask the two key questions: Read further >

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