Meaningful User Experiences in a Multichannel World

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on December 14, 2011

Creating a positive user experience out of a single content asset is more challenging than ever. Just think about a single treatise. It can be available today in print, CD-ROM, as an ebook on the Kindle device, the Kindle Cloud Reader or the Kindle iPad app. It could be available on the Kindle Fire, taking advantage of color and graphics. It could be available as a PDF accessible through the Kindle, iPad, or a PC’s deskt0p. There are many ways to make it available through the iPhone. It also could be accessed through a Web-based research application, such as IntelliConnect. In the context of Web-based research applications, user experience can differ according to the type of browser used – Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer – and even the version of a particular browser, such as Internet Explorer 8 versus Internet Explorer 9. Early adopters might be experimenting with Internet Explorer 10. It’s a multichannel, multi-browser world. Read further >

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