Products Improvement

Ornella Zampieri
Written by Ornella Zampieri
on April 20, 2012

In my previous post I spoke about the enhancements Wolters Kluwer Italy made to BigSuite, a fiscal premium product. To progress in the competitiveness one way passes through continual incremental improvements in the areas of product quality and process efficiency, as already stated by Joe Gornick in one of his posts. But implementing the continuous improvement process is not an easy task. Read further >

Kaizen Versus Breakthrough Innovation in Professional Publishing

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on December 23, 2010

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman & CEO, Renault S.A. & Nissan Motor Co., LTD, gave a welcome keynote on the first day of Le Web 2010. Ghosn contrasted “kaizen,” a Japanese term referring to continuous optimization of existing automotive technologies, with breakthrough innovation that involves creating a new platform for autonomous transportation. For Ghosn, hybrid vehicles represent kaizen and electric vehicles represent a breakthrough. His theme is that because of changing customer needs (reduction of dependence on fossil fuels), kaizen is no longer sufficient. So what is the connection with professional publishing? Read further >

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