Amazon’s Digital Engagement Model Relevant for Professionals

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on March 09, 2015

Today’s professionals – accountants, lawyers, physicians, nurses, paralegals and law librarians – interact with a plethora of knowledge objects (print books, ebooks, online research databases, workflow tools linked to those research databases, and software applications). There is a tendency for each knowledge object to have a unique path of discovery, purchase and delivery. Want an ebook? Go to the estore. Want software or a research product? Call a sales rep. But Amazon’s digital engagement model offers a different way. Read further >

Law Firm and Accounting Firm Self-Publishing via eReaders for BizDev?

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on June 18, 2014

Several marketing professionals to professional services firms (law firms and accounting firms) recommend self-publishing as a way to demonstrate thought leadership to demonstrate thought leadership to retain clients, upsell to existing clients and find new clients. The biggest question is, of course, where are clients and potential clients for any given firm likely to seek thought leadership. Obvious candidates are websites; podcasts; social media (Twitter, Face, LinkedIn); email; print and digital books, journals, articles & magazines; white papers; television and radio interviews; and public hearings before state & federal government entities. And all those expressions of thought leadership are likely to be accessed via smartphones, tablet devices. I’d like to focus on the eReader. Read further >

Thoughts on Professional Services Firms’ Ecosystems

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on February 07, 2014

Professional services firms (law firms and accounting firms) are already participating in several content and software ecosystems, including Apple’s iOS, Amazon, and Google. It makes sense given how many of their clients are expecting to interact with their professional advisors, including invoicing, reading current awareness and receiving professional memoranda regarding decisions with tax, accounting and legal implications. But I want to suggest that firms be very proactive and selective in how they interact with those ecosystems. Read further >

Phantom Menace: 4 Signs of Disruptions in Legal Technology

Raymond Blijd
Written by Raymond Blijd
on June 01, 2012

I recently discovered HBS professor Clayton M. Christensen’s book The Innovator’s Dilemma. In it he explains the theory behind disruptions and why they are particularly menacing if you are not prepared. There are companies like IBM that have managed to survive numerous disruptions by shifting models early or like Apple or Amazon by creating disruptions themselves. Nevertheless, timing is crucial to either shift or create but the real challenge lies in where to shift to or how to disrupt. What are the signs? Read further >

Subscription Based Business – Good New Times…

Burkhardt Vitt
Written by Burkhardt Vitt
on April 27, 2011

Traditional publishers say that their traditional subscription-based businesses are in decline. So why did Apple and Google announce the start of their subscription-based businesses? And Tien Tzuo (CEO of Zuora, a subscription-billing company based in Silicon Valley) even stated that “we are seeing a larger shift to a subscription economy that means a lot not just for publishers but for all companies.” Customers are subscribing to software, cars, computing power, and computer storage. This is all about tightening the relationships with customers and creating an ongoing stream of revenues for these companies. Read further >

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