Big Data Moves From Batch Analytics to Real-Time Analytics

Steven Lindo
Written by Steven Lindo
on June 23, 2014

The Volume, Velocity, and Variety of Big Data

By now you have heard about the three V’s of Big Data Analytics: volume, velocity and variety of data. By now you have also heard that there are solutions in place to handle these problems. The solution is basically anything built on top of Apache Hadoop 2.0, or competitive products. Hadoop is now packaged by Cloudera, HortonWorks, and MapR.

These software solutions provide the scalability, flexibility and architecture that enables enterprises to address these issues. How did they solve it so quickly? Competition. I love the competition in this space. It takes yesterday’s problems and accelerates solutions. The winners overall are the consumers of these products. A little over a year ago, you may have struggled through hours of configurations and installation steps to setup of Apache Hadoop, but today you can download a Cloudera/Hadoop VM and be up and running in less than an hour.

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You can forget about that!

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on May 16, 2014

The Court of Justice of the European Union has recently decided that “An internet search engine operator is responsible for the processing that it carries out of personal data which appear on web pages published by third parties.”

Based on that decision, international websites as well as national discussion platforms in Europe are glowing with activity.

But what does that mean?

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Intention, Extension or Extinction? – Tension anyway!

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on December 09, 2013

I love words and I love language and meaning! Since I am not a native speaker, the words above sound and “feel” very similar, although their usage is quite different.

The same goes for “legal jargon”, where I have to face the fact that what I learned during my English lessons at school and university is quite often not applicable or even misleading in a legal context.

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Heading Towards Mobility – Maybe not Jumping Far Enough?!?

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on September 26, 2013

Mobility is one major trend in the industry and also a cornerstone of our Wolters Kluwer strategy. People are using more and more tablets and smartphones, also in their daily professional routine. One recent trend in marketing is to exploit the behavior of people using more than one device at the same time (like a TV and a tablet) for addressing new sales channels, e.g. offering products on the tablet, which are complementing the format the user is currently consuming on TV. Translating this trend into our world could solve one major obstacle we currently face in product design. Read further >

Big Data – A Big challenge, but not a Big surprise

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on August 12, 2013

As Ornella Zampieri pointed out in her last post, ‘Big Data’ is core for our corporate strategy, but it still needs a lot of investigation to flesh out what areas of the organization can benefit most from the new opportunities coming along with this technology. Fact is that some aspects of ‘Big Data’ are more relevant for Wolters Kluwer than others.

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When mobile version affects SEO

Balázs Cseh
Written by Balázs Cseh
on July 04, 2013

Céginfó is one of the key products of CompLex Kiadó Kft. (Wolters Kluwer Hungary). It was originally a DVD product, a company database with a lot of (re)search capabilities. In 2012 the development of a web-based solution began together with, a leading Hungarian economy news portal, with the idea that this joint development will reduce the costs and will help sales by driving traffic to the site from CEMP (Central European Media & Publishing) portfolio, to which also belongs. was responsible for frontend, CompLex for backend. Read further >

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