CYOS Divergence: How The Growth of Apps Bolsters The Complex

Raymond Blijd
Written by Raymond Blijd
on October 14, 2013

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has taken root. In 2012, 38% of CIO’s expected to support personal devices. Now 82% of companies allow it and it’s posing new challenges for IT because along with these devices come a lot of new services in apps. All beguile you into accepting a new habit and immerse you. This has giving rise to the ‘Connect Your Own Service’ (CYOS) trend and its unintended consequences: a world more complex and disconnected which threatens to submerge you. Here’s why: Read further >

The Death of Legal Research on Desktop

Raymond Blijd
Written by Raymond Blijd
on September 30, 2013

I hear them…these voices all around me…whispering: they will never do legal research on a smartphone, the screen is too small! How can lawyers or any knowledge professional do research on a mobile device? These voices weren’t whispers 2 years ago, they were loud and clear and drove me to write about it. Mobile consumes and desktop creates, no if and’s or but’s. Now several events hopefully will exorcise these faint yet persistent notions and help us embrace our enlightened reality. Read further >

Heading Towards Mobility – Maybe not Jumping Far Enough?!?

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on September 26, 2013

Mobility is one major trend in the industry and also a cornerstone of our Wolters Kluwer strategy. People are using more and more tablets and smartphones, also in their daily professional routine. One recent trend in marketing is to exploit the behavior of people using more than one device at the same time (like a TV and a tablet) for addressing new sales channels, e.g. offering products on the tablet, which are complementing the format the user is currently consuming on TV. Translating this trend into our world could solve one major obstacle we currently face in product design. Read further >

DESH: Your Personal Legal Assistant with Sense

Raymond Blijd
Written by Raymond Blijd
on June 17, 2013

Lately, I’ve been intrigue by the sudden urgency from developers to solve the “big” problem of email. A rush to be your personal assistant and to make your lives easier. Moreover to anticipate your every move and predict your need. I thought I might as well take a stab at it and create my own rendition with a legal twist. In the process I learned a couple of things. Read further >

Is a New Mobile Apps Value Chain Emerging?

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on June 05, 2013

Information services providers such as Wolters Kluwer have been creating mobile apps for tax, legal and regulatory professionals for several years. Some apps migrate traditional print products to apps, such as the WK eReader, whereas others, such as IntelliConnect Mobile and CCH Mobile, are “mobile first.” Another type of app is emerging. Wolters Kluwer’s customers – tax, legal & regulatory professional services firms – increasingly are creating apps for their clients. How might Wolters Kluwer’s content be integrated into those apps? Read further >

Age of Immersion

Raymond Blijd
Written by Raymond Blijd
on May 22, 2013

We are at the dawn of an age of immersion. We can no longer ignore the fact that our reality will be perpetually augmented with data and information. Computing devices that can beam information directly into your retina are reality. Lets face it, the number of people who drive around without GPS navigation or leave the house without an internet connected smartphone are increasingly dwindling. So let us embrace and prepare to seize the opportunity to power ‘Commander Data‘. Read further >

Mission Monocle: Chasing Mona Lisa In An Online Reader

Raymond Blijd
Written by Raymond Blijd
on March 22, 2013

Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st. It has been my filter of the internet and a window to the world for over 8 years. It helped me focus in chaos of content on things that matter to me. I can honestly say it has made me smarter by helping me discover countless artifacts and precious information I would otherwise have never seen. Now my mission is to find a replacement and if I don’t, I will build one. Here’s what I’m looking for. Read further >

The Death of Cash

David Bergstein
Written by David Bergstein
on February 27, 2013

While in a waiting room last week, the cover of Forbes magazine caught my eye. It was entitled “The Death of Cash.” I’ve noticed even the smallest of retailers now have systems to swipe charge and debit cards. Maybe you’ve noticed it too, like the restaurant at the airport where you order your meal on an iPad and then pay for it in the same manner. Books and music are now dispensed through online means with a card number and a PIN number or other security code. Read further >

Skeuomorphism: Will It Make Us Smarter?

Raymond Blijd
Written by Raymond Blijd
on December 03, 2012

Recently Apple has been awarded a patent for the virtual book page turn. Now imagine such an event in the age of the printing press. How would we navigate books or other printed materials? The tools and the methods we used in the physical world are slowly coming to live in the digital world. Skeuomorph design has blazed the path to copy from the physical to the virtual world. Yet, without a better understanding of the real world, will it help or hurt? Read further >

It’s All About Providing Ensemble Interactions

Rogier Krijgsman
Written by Rogier Krijgsman
on November 07, 2012

Mobile solutions are no longer just about getting our content accessible on smartphones or tablets; it is about delivering a holistic experience across multiple screens. If you attended the mobile solutions presentation at the user conference of Wolters Kluwer’s Global Platform Organization (GPO) this year, you heard us talking about the importance of ensemble interactions, which is about providing a holistic user experience that involves multiple linked devices or that dynamically cross two or more devices. Read further >

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