John Barker

John Barker

Vice President of Strategy & Competitive Intelligence
Wolters Kluwer Global Platform Organization

John Barker is Vice President of Strategy & Competitive Intelligence in Wolters Kluwer’s Global Platform Organization. In this role, John provides strategic direction for Wolters Kluwer’s global tax, legal, and regulatory content delivery platform, Global Atlas, and shares strategic product design best practices globally across Wolters Kluwer.

John has an extensive background in professional publishing, including as a Product Manager and Executive Legal Consultant at LexisNexis, a consultant, and award-winning Account Manager for Thomson Reuters. John has appeared as a keynote speaker at multiple Law Librarian Associations, and authored more than 50 articles discussing the application of technology to the practice of law. He has served as a Special Counsel for Technology at the Indianapolis law firm of Ice Miller LLP, and had a clerkship to a U.S. Magistrate with the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana

John holds a Juris Doctor, cum laude, from Tulane University Law School, New Orleans, and a BA in Philosophy, magna cum laude, from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

Posts by John Barker

Emerging Innovation Tournament Best Practices

Written on April 14, 2014

You already know from prior posts about my enthusiasm for monthly innovation tournaments, organized around enterprise-wide customer-focused themes that we hold in our offices in Alphen aan den Rijn, New York and Riverwoods, IL. Collaboration of team members across Wolters Kluwer’s tax, legal, regulatory, health, financial services, and technology shared services organizations and representing diverse skill sets (business, technology, marketing, R&D and executive management) is fruitful. Here are some emerging best practices for enterprise-wide tournaments: Read further >

Innovation Imperative in the Legal Profession

Written on March 31, 2014

The Financial Times’ Special Reports on Innovative Lawyer (global and US) reveals a lot of innovation in the legal profession. Despite a reputation for being slow to change, many law firms, corporate legal departments, law schools, and providers or legal process outsourcing are bringing comprehensive change in both the business and practice of law. Driving factors of this innovation includes several factors working together: Read further >

Why I Remain Passionate about Innovation Tournaments

Written on March 14, 2014

Since posting about innovation tournaments last year, I’ve had the privilege of leading and participating in several tournaments. In fact, here at Wolters Kluwer we are holding monthly innovation tournaments in multiple locations around the world organized around a common monthly theme as part of our GPO (Wolters Kluwer’s Global Platform Organization) Presents webinar series. January’s theme was the topic of innovation itself. February’s theme was wearable computing devices and emerging technologies. March’s theme will be UX (User Experience). So far we are holding monthly tournaments in our offices in New York, Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands) and Chicago. After March, more tournaments will be held corresponding to monthly themes as diverse as search, analytics, and hybrid content-software tools. And here is why I remain passionate about innovation tournaments as a tool to stimulate innovation. Read further >

Thoughts on Professional Services Firms’ Ecosystems

Written on February 07, 2014

Professional services firms (law firms and accounting firms) are already participating in several content and software ecosystems, including Apple’s iOS, Amazon, and Google. It makes sense given how many of their clients are expecting to interact with their professional advisors, including invoicing, reading current awareness and receiving professional memoranda regarding decisions with tax, accounting and legal implications. But I want to suggest that firms be very proactive and selective in how they interact with those ecosystems. Read further >

Thoughts on Google Glass for Professionals Interacting with Content and Software

Written on December 27, 2013

One of my colleagues in Wolters Kluwer’s GPO (“Global Platform Organization”) has just received Google Glass. There is no shortage of ideas inside Wolters Kluwer about what proofs-of-concept to build with it for accountants, lawyers, physicians, nurses, namely, any professional customer interacting with professional content and software. Wearable computing, at least for professional customers, is an emerging technology. It’s time to experiment. Read further >

Professional Services Firms Must Use Segmentation Strategies in Developing Mobile Apps

Written on November 25, 2013
in Mobility, Productivity
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Most professionals (lawyers and accountants) conduct at least some of their fee-producing knowledge work on mobile devices, specifically, smartphones and tablets. Tablet and smartphone apps are a great way to connect to clients and reach out to prospective clients. By way of example, check out some of the mobile apps of Deloitte, PwC, and McKinsey on Google Play, and iPad apps from EY, Baker & McKenzie, and Allen & Overy. Firms can post news, advice and insight to their clients’ mobile devices. Likewise, some professional services firms are creating internal app stores to distribute apps that boost internal productivity. Several interesting questions arise, however, about which mobile operating system to support. Read further >

eBooks, eReaders, Research Products & Professionals’ Workflows – Thoughts about Possible Futures

Written on September 27, 2013

How should eBooks and eReaders evolve? Online tax, legal, and regulatory research services essentially were pioneered in the 1970′s. Print content lived alongside online research products. The focus was on migrating print products to online research services which today are expressed as Web-based products and, increasingly, tablet & smartphone apps. Read further > Folksonomies as Glossa on Public Domain Legal Content?

Written on August 07, 2013 is a contract database and search engine that enables lawyers, financial analysts and business owners to search SEC filings to find contracts that can be used as model documents. My colleagues and I recently had the privilege of attending a webinar by LawInsider’s founder, attorney-entrepreneur Preston Clark. In essence, makes it possible for lawyers to locate model documents by searching for them using full-text search and/or metadata search. Each user of LawInsider can increase the precision of searching for all end users by adding “tags” to the content that is retrieved. For example, an attorney who finds an excellent example of a “lock up agreement” can tag it – and everyone in the LawInsider community can browse to that document using “lock up agreement.” Even more beneficial would be if an attorney end-user adds more detailed words to “lock up agreement” for specifying its context, for example, “lock up agreement – buyer friendly.” Every end user in effect becomes part of the editorial team. Read further >

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