Grzegorz Balnis

Greg Balnis

Manager, Portal Technology Deployment,
Wolters Kluwer Global Platform Organization

Grzegorz (known as Greg by his English-speaking friends) is an IT professional with 15 years of experience in what used to be called electronic publishing, and now is known as online media. He’s always been interested in getting valuable content into the right shape and making it available to customers. With a strong technical background and an Executive MBA degree, Grzegorz helps Wolters Kluwer to monetize content and create better value through leveraging technology.

An evangelist by nature, he started preaching SGML and later XML in Poland. Now that XML is pretty much commonplace, he’s moving forward to understand the phenomena of user-generated content and social media.

Posts by Grzegorz Balnis

Killing the Projects

Written on January 24, 2011

In this blog we talk a lot about innovation and how it is important to make it a part of your everyday business life. But even if you have your idea funnel working fine and it delivers sound projects to your pipeline there is a chance that those project won’t yield expected results. Read further >

Single Sign-On and the Web

Written on October 25, 2010

Do you know that feeling when you have to get to a website and suddenly you realize that your browser no longer remembers your password? Or you are on somebody else’s computer? Or on your mobile device? I bet you do… I guess if you are an average Internet user, you have something between 50 and 100 places that you visit infrequently enough to forget your login/password but still frequently enough to care about it. So, what can be done about it? Read further >

Building Your Website, Part 2: Portal or Web CMS?

Written on September 30, 2010

In the first part of this post we discussed making the decision to build your website as an independent software application tailored right to your needs, or buying an off-the-shelf version. The next choice you’ll have to make is between two broad categories of applications that will deliver the user experience you have in mind: Web content management systems (WCMS) and portal frameworks. While people tend to use words “website,” “CMS,” and “portal” almost interchangeably, these are actually very different beasts. Read further >

Building Your Website, Part 1: To buy or to build?

Written on September 27, 2010

So, you have been charged with building a new website for your company. It has to present all this nice content that you create, integrate some other content from the Internet, and maybe also add some e-shopping or social networking features. You did some thinking and came up with initial requirements for your product. Then you talked to your technology partner, either your IT colleagues or supplier, asking them for an offer. Read further >

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