David Bergstein

David Bergstein

Director, Strategic Relationships, CCH,
Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

David Bergstein, CPA, CITP is Director of Strategic Relationships for CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business. David has been in the tax and accounting industry for many years and has been a practicing accountant for over 20 years. While at the IRS he held various positions: Agent, Trainer, Speaker, and Chief Technical Section. He received his CPA and an MA in Taxation from Long Island University’s CW Post College.

David was an accounting professor at Suffolk County Community College in New York for over 15 years. In addition, he has served on the AICPA Top Tech Technology Team and presently is a member of the FICPA Business Technology Section and the Financial Literacy Committee. He is also an AICPA CPA Ambassador. David is well-known as a speaker and trainer in the field of utilizing new technology to improve the efficiency of operations in tax, accounting, practice management, and general operations of the accounting process.

David is a happy grandfather who tweets on twitter while rollerblading. His hobbies include bicycle riding, tennis, and staying up to date on technology. If you are looking to keep up with him you can find him on Facebook or his twitter account.

Posts by David Bergstein

Collaborative Accounting

Written on October 02, 2013

Collaborative accounting is not a new idea. Accountants generally attracted small businesses by offering such nuts and bolts services as general ledger, write-up, and payroll services. As tax compliance became more of a burden, and write-up and trial balance soaked up a lot of resources, accounting firms were only too glad to see this work go to the payroll companies, or to be done by the internal bookkeeper in a small company. Read further >

A Common Database: The Intelligent Solution

Written on July 01, 2013

The ground-breaking solution has arrived: CCH Axcess. There are many intelligent solutions one can talk about in the tax space, but none come close to the common database. Wolters Kluwer has spent five years on developing the “cloud” platform. This “Holy Grail” as Darren Root, Executive Editor of CPA Practice Advisor, calls it, is a revolutionary development for CPAs. It lets the accountant concentrate on process and workflow. It will allow them to focus on clients and not on applications. The system’s effectiveness is dependent on implementing it properly. It means firms have to spend time deciding how they want to work, what they want to track, and what they want to measure. They need to determine work-steps so that the user (accountant) works in a transparent mode between modules. Read further >

Telecommuting vs Virtual Office / Home Office / Corporate Office

Written on June 07, 2013

Telecommuting has been embraced in many countries as a way to attract talent who live in far off areas, to reduce office overhead, and use as a perk to attract employees. Technology-oriented individuals and quite often younger workers are attracted to doing business via internet, conference calls and video chats. Employees who travel can commute from home to the client, rather than making an additional trip to the office. Read further >

The Death of Cash

Written on February 27, 2013

While in a waiting room last week, the cover of Forbes magazine caught my eye. It was entitled “The Death of Cash.” I’ve noticed even the smallest of retailers now have systems to swipe charge and debit cards. Maybe you’ve noticed it too, like the restaurant at the airport where you order your meal on an iPad and then pay for it in the same manner. Books and music are now dispensed through online means with a card number and a PIN number or other security code. Read further >

Technology Predictions and Outlook for 2013

Written on December 28, 2012

Mobile & Cloud

The world is becoming a smaller place in 2013. I say that because cloud and mobile services are allowing us to collaborate with our peers and reach our clients in so many new ways. However, Cloud usage and mobile apps should be evaluated closely as to security of sensitive data. There is a proliferation of cloud-based services that are being rolled out by mega-corporations such as Apple, Google and Microsoft that ultimately encourage mobile communication.

Read further >

New CCH Survey Results on the Impact of Cloud, Mobile and Social Media in the Accounting Profession

Written on November 14, 2012

While attending the CCH User’s Conference 2012, CEO Kevin Robert spoke about the results of CCH’s recent nationwide survey of accountants. The study found that improved client service drives the adoption of new technology, with about two-thirds stating that leveraging technology is important to their success. Large firms (with 50 or more employees) were most likely to embrace these technologies, with 84% planning to implement more cloud solutions and 81% planning to increase mobile technology. Accountants are beginning to trust the security features of cloud and mobile solutions. The amount of time CPAs and Chartered accountants work remotely ranges from 5.8 hours per week in a mid-size firm to 8.6 hours per week in a large firm. Read further >

Associations, Networks, Groups and Alliances: Part II

Written on October 22, 2012

As I write and speak on the topic of accounting associations frequently, I was only too happy to read a book called Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations. Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers, CAE, share my passion for working in and with groups that provide not just social functions and networking, but support the needs of the industry they serve. This book has broad application for the issues that face your group, whether you lead or sit on a committee in your firm, belong to a board of directors, or attend the functions of a volunteer or fundraising organization. In the extremely busy environment of today’s firms and our technology-driven lives, groups are challenged to maintain relevancy, retain members and stay in-demand. Read further >

4 Ways that Accounting Firms Lose Money

Written on September 12, 2012

Ultimately you started out in business to make money. Yet you find yourself working longer hours and earning less than expected. There is always the risk of a bad economy, the loss of an employee or a big customer, or other unexpected expenses. It seems outside of your control, and yet there are things you can do to identify the time sinks that keep your firm from experiencing greater realization. Read further >

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