Christian Dirschl

Christian Dirschl

Chief Content Architect
Wolters Kluwer Germany

Christian is responsible for the content structures, metadata, taxonomies, and thesauri within Wolters Kluwer Germany. He manages text mining and automatic topical classification projects.

He also represents Wolters Kluwer Germany in international projects like LOD2 or in the cooperation with KISTI (South Korea). Christian has worked with Wolters Kluwer Germany since 2001. Before that, he worked as an international IT consultant in several software companies.

Christian has a Master of Arts degree in Information Science from the University of Regensburg. He is based in Munich, Germany.

Posts by Christian Dirschl

Big Data: Hype and Reality

Written on May 01, 2015

There’s no doubt that there is business in Big Data… as well as a lot of nonsense around it as well – with growing tendency! So the question is how to figure out the relevant aspects. BDVA is trying to address that on a pan-European level – and Wolters Kluwer is a part of that journey!

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When Archeologists and Computer Scientists Talk About Legal Matters

Written on February 27, 2015

I had the privilege and pleasure to be present at one of these rare occasions.

Experts from different domains, personal histories, and backgrounds will work together in the coming years. They all push toward making the creation and maintenance of data-intensive systems and applications more efficient.

Or to put it simply: ALIGNED was born!

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Traveling Salesman Problem

Written on January 26, 2015

I heard about this topic - which finds the shortest distance between a large number of cities – for the first time during my university studies back in the late 80’s. I found it stunning at that time, that such a problem with an obvious high economic relevance was quite hard to tackle. The name itself always triggered another association in me, which is the Death of a Salesman novel and the movie adaption with Dustin Hoffman and young John Malkovich from 1985, which still impresses and saddens me today.

Yet, today I want to talk about why I feel like a Traveling Salesman in 2015.

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News from the far North

Written on December 19, 2014

No, I am not talking about Santa Claus today, but Finland. What comes to mind? Maybe Nokia, Teemu Selänne, or even IKEA (sorry, that is Sweden).

When thinking about Finland, people over here would say: smart, but definitely crazy. So, actually a perfect place for innovative people to meet. Today I want to talk about cool stuff from Finland – like Leningrad Cowboys or Aki Kaurismäki. It’s an annual event about the future of tech, knowledge and media, called Mindtrek Conference!

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Open Minds and Open Data

Written on November 14, 2014

One of the biggest thrills in my life is when I meet people who are completely different from me – by culture, by experience, by age (unfortunately, there is no homepage dedicated to my grandpa!), etc. Starting discussions with them often means reflecting on my own ways of thinking and behavior, which is very exciting and which often leads to broadening my horizons. A similar WOW effect happens when I come across new open datasets, which cover a lot of knowledge in a concise manner, that help us to accelerate new business development.

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The Earth is Flat

Written on October 20, 2014

As we all know, the model of a flat earth in contrast to a globe was a common idea even until Columbus tried to sail from Europe to India. He had to face doubts in his crew as well as whether the Earth was really round, so that there was no danger of “falling off the edge.” This model reflects our everyday perception that we stand firmly on the ground and, for example, water is not flowing away from us – following the curvature of the Earth. So, there is actually some ratio and common sense behind it.

But when people acknowledged that Earth in fact was round, a whole new world not only in the literary sense opened up to them and things became possible and even inevitable that were beyond imagination before.

I think that our civilization today is currently figuring out again that the world is round!

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Piecing Together the Semantics Puzzle

Written on September 12, 2014

Putting a puzzle together can be frustrating as a child, yet this brain teaser becomes more gratifying as an adult. Carefully placing intricate pieces together to create a complete picture. I think we offered an almost completed puzzle last week in Leipzig at SEMANTiCS 2014, where we presented LOD2.

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That’s one small step for…

Written on August 18, 2014

To start a blog post with such a phrase in order to introduce the finalization of a 4-year project might sound a bit pathetic. Still I think that LOD2 has opened a new door for Wolters Kluwer and for the industry as a whole to better cope with the fundamental transformation process we already face and will be facing in the coming years.

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