Burkhardt Vitt

Burkhardt Vitt

Head of Content Integration,
Wolters Kluwer Germany

Burkhardt started as an online editor in 1998 with the launch of online information services for tax and accounting at Wolters Kluwer Germany. After various roles as program manager and head of online, since 2009 he has been responsible for content integration within ADDISON and Wolters Kluwer Germany. Burkhardt’s current focus is the ongoing integration of information into customers’ workflow.

Before starting his career at Wolters Kluwer, Burkhardt studied Political Science in Siegen and Nantes. He later acquired a background in tax and accounting while working at the German fiscal authorities.

Burkhardt’s interest in intelligent solutions is inspired by the changing business models in the publishing industry, and the increasing importance of connecting publishing content and software solutions to “point of use” solutions.

Posts by Burkhardt Vitt

Frankfurt Book Fair: “C” Like Convergence

Written on October 14, 2011

Last year the iPad dominated most of the discussions at the Frankfurt Book Fair. This year it’s about platforms – two years ago it was all about eBooks. Attending a discussion on apps, enhanced eBooks, pricing and content strategy, representing an eBook manufacturer, the CEO of an eBook-platform and two publishers, the most frequent term I heard was “convergence.” Read further >

Shopping Carts, Coins, and Innovation

Written on June 22, 2011

Last week, ten colleagues from Wolters Kluwer Germany attended the first cycle of the innovation manager course at the University of Aachen. The Institute for Technology and Innovation Management develops theories, concepts, and tools to explain and design interactions and the division of work in the innovation process. The participants get insight into different approaches of innovation – from open innovation to lead user methodology, netnography, or co-creation. Read further >

Co-working Spaces – Offering Opportunities?

Written on May 25, 2011

A recently published article in the Guardian pointed at the possible advantage of co-working spaces due to their collaborative approach – stating that “Co-working is about the community around the desk rather than the desks themselves.” Co-working is a concept that gives freelancers and entrepreneurs who often work from home the opportunity to share office facilities and to work in a collaborative style. The last months showed significant growth of those locations – e.g. the German “betahaus” concept or others like Centralworking. Read further >

Subscription Based Business – Good New Times…

Written on April 27, 2011

Traditional publishers say that their traditional subscription-based businesses are in decline. So why did Apple and Google announce the start of their subscription-based businesses? And Tien Tzuo (CEO of Zuora, a subscription-billing company based in Silicon Valley) even stated that “we are seeing a larger shift to a subscription economy that means a lot not just for publishers but for all companies.” Customers are subscribing to software, cars, computing power, and computer storage. This is all about tightening the relationships with customers and creating an ongoing stream of revenues for these companies. Read further >

Focus on the True Information Needs of Your Customers

Written on March 23, 2011

Some weeks ago Kevin Smokler (CEO, booktour.com) stated that, “Whoever Builds A Good Tool To Help Us Find New Books To Read Will Get Rich.” Still, the mechanisms for book publishers to target their products in an ideal way to customers needs still requires improvement. According to his point of view, the state-of-the-art solution for book publishers is still to come. Read further >

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