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Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on January 25, 2013

2013 is a critical year for Wolters Kluwer – critical in a positive sense; there will be many decision points all over the place where we as an organization can prove that we are ready for the next step. Decision points starting from economic implications from the financial crisis, the implementation of the new strategy life cycle announced by our CEO, via changes in the competitive landscape to finally substantial efforts in our local markets (e.g. Jurion or LOD2).

This year will not be a smooth year, but it will be a successful year when we will become a truly social Media company. As you can see, the “social” is not written in capital letters! I am not referring to a “Social Media” company, but to a social “Media company”. In order to be able to master the challenges ahead of us, we need to be even more proactive in socializing, networking, bundling our assets on a European, but also on a global level.

It was a very important experience at our yearly kick-off from the Central & Eastern European Region within Legal and Regulatory Division to team up with quite a few colleagues from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania. Methods like Speed-Dating and Team-Building made the process efficient and fruitful and were a sound basis for progress during this year.

In addition, the teamwork in LOD2 with 15 partners from 12 countries during the last two years has shown that when people are willing to work together and have a common goal, much more can be achieved in the end than each individual partner could. Different nationalities and interests are a challenge, but this can be solved when people respect each other.

Wolters Kluwer is used to work together with partners in the technology sector. Jurion is extending this paradigm also in the area of partnering with publishers, who are (also) potential competitors. This change in attitude is based on the finding that we have to address the customers’ needs, no matter if we have a comprehensive offering all by ourselves or not. This openness is very rare in the German publishing market, but apart from the customer factor, it is in my opinion also a logical economical step. The developments around technology and around business processes are still accelerating, so that no single player has the internal resources to keep up with them alone. Collaboration and sharing of assets are key here.

So my main goal for 2013 is to communicate – to talk, but also to listen! – and to enhance my professional network in order to spend my resources where they are needed most; and to re-use efforts from my network wherever it is possible. This should be fun!


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  1. Kirsten on at

    I’m wondering what you think of the innovation showcases as they were introduced from the US? I believe Kluwer Law International is organizing one in Alphen end of March. I believe these are a great way of interacting with our customers directly, but my question remains: where do we “store” the results / outcomes of this customer interaction?

  2. Christian on at

    At Wolters Kluwer Germany we have created a process to be able to interrogate our customer interactions. We document any visit or meeting or workshop based on a template and store the result in a database, in which people can search.
    With this, we do not yet cover all final steps, but at least all efforts are available for everybody.

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