Every Firm Has the Potential to be Global

David Bergstein
Written by David Bergstein
on April 12, 2012

 New Breed of Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Licensed Accountant

The time is now for everyone in the profession to realize that no matter what we do the times are a-changing and there is more opportunity than there ever was if you want it. There are small businesses starting every day and the best part of it is that no matter what the size they are, they all have the potential to be global.

Intelligent solutions are popping up all around us. Business is changing all around us. Technology is changing daily and in order to thrive in this new order we need to take stock and change. I will not write a lot about this. I will link to some YouTube videos that make it easier to explain what is going on. It is up to you join the movement or be left behind and that movement starts with accepting social media as a game changer in the world of business, if used properly. Let’s start with a video entitled “Social Media Revolution 2012” uploaded to YouTube by the Total Profit Group based on data provided from the book written by Erik Qualman on “Socialnomics.” I have read a number of his books and he his right on point.

A second video to examine is “End of Business,” based on a book entitled “The End of Business as Usual” by Brian Solis, which is also a great read. I think that in the future you will see less words in a document and more videos disseminating the information – which brings me to one of the latest new phenomena, www.pinterest.com . Please feel free to send me a request for an invite.

The breed of accountant is also contributing to these changes. Go to YouTube and examine some of the videos being uploaded by people like Jody Pader on Bridging the Generation Gap and Jason Blumer on Training the Staff on the Cloud. There are many more and a number of them have joined the Thriveal+CPA Network. Check out some introductions from their Las Vegas happening from likes of Shayna-Chapman-Burris to Michael Hsu who also maintain Twitter pages. Jason, Jody, Shayna and team make up a network of small practitioners that are geared to take on the larger firms based on how they operate and their use of social media.

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