Semantic Search at Frankfurt Book Fair

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on October 12, 2011

The Frankfurt Book Fair is certainly one of the main events of the information services and publishing industry in the world. Over the last years, the focus of information professionals as part of the community has changed in particular. Mobile apps, online research, and software integration are at the center of attention. This is also true for semantic search capabilities. And why? Because customers ask for intelligent and innovative solutions.

There are a number of panels and discussions at the Frankfurt Book Fair dealing with innovative technologies. On Friday the 14th at 1:15 p.m. at Hall 4.0, A1320, I will talk about “Semantic Web for Publishers,” which will be the keynote for one of these panels around semantic search. I will touch on semantic search based on metadata and semantic web technology, as well as change management in the editorial processes that these innovations imply. I am looking forward to the reactions and questions from the audience. It will be fun!

From today until October 16, Wolters Kluwer and its businesses will be present at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Hall 4.2, Stand P401) to showcase company’s latest offerings, including mobile applications, software solutions, online platforms, and e-book content to its customers, authors, and partners.


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  1. Hi Christian

    I am not able to attend your presentation, but I would be interested in receiving a copy of the presentation. At KLI we are considering using semantic search for our GPE platforms amongst which KCL (

    Can you mail me your presentation?

    Kirsten van Engelenburg

  2. Kirsten van Engelenburg on at

    My email address: Or may be share it with me via Sharepoint?

  3. Christian Dirschl on at

    Hi Kirsten,

    the presentation went really well. All seats were taken and a few people stood in the back. The questions after the presentation showed that this topic is definitely interesting for quite a few publishers, but it is not easy to make it happen in a successful way.
    I will forward you the presentation in a minute. Of course, all my work is available for all colleagues within WK – and I am in direct contact already with quite a few.



  4. Kirsten van Engelenburg on at

    Hi Christian

    Thanks for posting and sending the presentation. More information on our semantic search:


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