How Mobility Is Transforming the Legal Profession

Rosalie Donlon
Written by Rosalie Donlon
on August 10, 2011

Mark Dorman, President and CEO of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (North America), recently participated in a media roundtable, part of Wolters Kluwer’s half-year results announcement. Dorman noted that “2011 will be seen as a watershed year.” Starting with the ‘Arab Spring‘ information flowed through the use of texting on mobile phones, photographs taken by mobile phones, and Twitter accounts that couldn’t be shut down. Events were incited, communicated, recorded, and directed by mobile technology. Read further >

Are Guidelines Always Necessary?

Leanne Summers
Written by Leanne Summers
on August 03, 2011

I’ve been attending the online Pharma IQ Social Media in Pharma Summit over the last few weeks. It has been interesting to hear from some of the leaders in the field who are opening up a conversation between pharmaceutical companies and patients. I’ve been particularly impressed with the insights of Boehringer’s Director of Digital, John Pugh, and the EMEA Marketing Communications Manager at Janssen, Alex Butler. They live and breathe good social media practice – all about listening, engaging, and evolving with patients. Read further >

Training = Intelligent Solution: How Often Does Your Firm Provide Update Training?

David Bergstein
Written by David Bergstein
on August 02, 2011

I have been doing some research on how millennials learn and it came to mind that most firms ignore the need to update and train personnel after the initial implementation of a new application. This is a really Big Mistake. Software is constantly being updated and accountants have a habit of looking back (prior year workpapers) and doing the same thing over and over again as they perform their tasks. They do not realize that there have been changes in the tools they use that allow them to be more efficient and effective. Read further >

The Solution is in the Question

Joe Gornick
Written by Joe Gornick
on August 01, 2011

Having problems finding a solution to a problem? Feeling a bit adrift and need some clarity of direction or perhaps a new direction? You may actually know the answers or have a solution – but, for some reason, a door is closed in your mind that prevents you from seeing it. That’s where questions can help. Sometimes asking yourself different questions can help unlock closed doors in your thinking. Read further >

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