Highlight on Hawaii: Can a Turn to the Business Realm Cure the Aloha State’s Ailing Exchange?

Law and Health Blog
Written by Law and Health Blog
on October 24, 2014

The Hawaii Health Connector, the state’s Health Insurance Exchange, announced the appointment of its new executive director recently. Jeffrey Kissel, the former CEO of HawaiiGas, will become the Exchange’s third director within the last year when he replaces current interim director, Tom Matsuda. Besides leadership turnover, the Exchange in Hawaii has experienced several other issues since its creation in 2013, including funding and provider shortages. Unlike other Exchange directors, Kissel does not have a background in the health or insurance industry. So will this change be the cure for what ails the Hawaii Exchange as the upcoming enrollment season approaches? Moreover, to what extent have other state Exchanges’ successes or failure stemmed from leadership in those Exchanges? Read further >

The Earth is Flat

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on October 20, 2014

As we all know, the model of a flat earth in contrast to a globe was a common idea even until Columbus tried to sail from Europe to India. He had to face doubts in his crew as well as whether the Earth was really round, so that there was no danger of “falling off the edge.” This model reflects our everyday perception that we stand firmly on the ground and, for example, water is not flowing away from us – following the curvature of the Earth. So, there is actually some ratio and common sense behind it.

But when people acknowledged that Earth in fact was round, a whole new world not only in the literary sense opened up to them and things became possible and even inevitable that were beyond imagination before.

I think that our civilization today is currently figuring out again that the world is round!

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Is Innovation in Large Organizations Distinct?

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on October 13, 2014

I had the privilege of participating in a knowledge-sharing meeting held by the ILO (Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations) in Chicago. ILO’s Founder and President, Peter Themes, facilitated the meeting. Executives representing large companies in the Chicago area, as well as the UIC Innovation Center, shared best practices in making innovation work in large organizations. The group explored several themes, such as the following: Read further >

Can Your Enterprise Search System Perform Better than Google?

Steven Lindo
Written by Steven Lindo
on October 06, 2014

Doing “Search” Right!

When people think of “search” today two things usually come to mind. The first is Google, and the second is, well you guessed it… Google. When it comes to Enterprise Search, do you think that we can be better than Google? (click to tweet this) I think you should be better and here is why.

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LinkedIn as a Professional’s Publishing Platform?

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on September 26, 2014

Like many lawyers, accountants, knowledge workers, and other professionals, I maintain a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn’s investor presentations, which I recommend reading, reveal ambitions far beyond being merely a social networking space for knowledge workers. In addition to wanting to be the professional network for connecting all of the world’s professionals, LinkedIn also wants to “be the definitive professional publishing platform.” Read further >

Clinical Decision Support on FHIR

Howard Strasberg MD MS
Written by Howard Strasberg MD MS
on September 22, 2014

Last year, I wrote about the federal (US) Health eDecisions (HeD) initiative, which resulted in various standards for clinical decision support (CDS), including an XML schema for representing a “knowledge artifact” and a Virtual Medical Record (VMR) for representing patient data. In HeD, knowledge artifacts can be event-condition-action rules, order sets, or documentation templates. Since that time, a new federal initiative has been underway called the Clinical Quality Framework (CQF). This initiative seeks to harmonize standards for CDS and clinical quality measurement (CQM). With respect to patient data models, the CDS domain has the VMR, but the quality domain has something called the Quality Data Model (QDM). One of the goals of CQF is to harmonize VMR and QDM into a single model called Quality Improvement and Clinical Knowledge (QUICK). Read further >

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