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Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on August 18, 2014

To start a blog post with such a phrase in order to introduce the finalization of a 4-year project might sound a bit pathetic. Still I think that LOD2 has opened a new door for Wolters Kluwer and for the industry as a whole to better cope with the fundamental transformation process we already face and will be facing in the coming years.

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Bill Would Stretch Medicare Telemedicine to Physical Therapy, Bigger Populations

Law and Health Blog
Written by Law and Health Blog
on August 15, 2014

Expanding the use of telemedicine under Medicare is the goal of a recently proposed piece of bi-partisan legislation. The bill, known as the Medicare Telehealth Parity Act of 2014, is designed to create more parity between telemedicine and traditional in-person care. U.S. Representatives Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Gregg Harper (R-MS) introduced the bill. In reference to their motivation, Thompson said, “By expanding telehealth services, we can make sure the best care and the best treatments are available to all Americans, no matter where they live.” Read further >

Electronic health record alerts: well-designed?

Howard Strasberg MD MS
Written by Howard Strasberg MD MS
on August 08, 2014

Three years ago on this blog, I commented on the importance of design in alerting systems, citing a study that indicated that the most important factor in alert acceptance was the quality of the display of the alert. This factor had an odds ration of 4.75, far outweighing the level of the alert (high, moderate or low risk), which had an odds ratio of 1.74. Read further >

When Should We Crowdsource?

Jaco Zijlstra
Written by Jaco Zijlstra
on July 28, 2014

As I was traveling across the Atlantic and looking out the window at the GE logo on the jet engine of the Boeing 747, I was reminded of this story in Wired about how GE spent $7,000 in prize money on a competition to redesign a very specific piece of that engine to reduce weight. The winning solution from a young engineer in Indonesia resulted in millions of savings for GE. That’s a pretty amazing return. Read further >

The Value Chain of Analytics

Steven Lindo
Written by Steven Lindo
on July 25, 2014

Data vs. Information:

Raw data by itself is not very interesting. However, by applying purposeful processing with analytic algorithms to your data you can turn the unattractive bundles of characters and numbers into information and patterns, thus exposing the beauty and value of the data. But wait, there’s more. Information that is merely explanatory is less valuable than information that leads to action. So the promise from data science is that the value for your data is in the analytics and that the highest value is in the analytics that leads to action. Do you agree? Let us examine the value chain of analytics together.

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