AMIA 2014

Howard Strasberg MD MS
Written by Howard Strasberg MD MS
on November 24, 2014

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the AMIA Annual Symposium in Washington, DC. I’ve attended this meeting most years for the last 20 years, and it continues to be a great opportunity to learn about what’s new in medical informatics and to network with old and new friends and colleagues. The keynote address was given by Dr. Amy Abernethy, who discussed the importance of learning from the streams and rivers of healthcare data to make better and better decisions. She asserted that even after death, patients live on through their data, which can help other people. Read further >

Success Factors for Alternative Fee Arrangements for Lawyers

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on November 21, 2014

The billable hour pricing model for law firms in the US & UK isn’t dead yet, particularly for complex litigation, M&A, and tax matters. But it’s under pressure: corporate legal clients’ need to reduce costs and their willingness to look to alternative providers of legal services – including outsourced legal research, out-sourced/off-shored legal drafting & document review as well as automation, including automated regulatory compliance and intelligent interactive document assembly. In reality, law firms must adapt to the unbundling of their value chain. The challenge is most law schools didn’t offer joint MBA/JD programs and teach best business practices in business strategy (e.g., Michael Porter) in the legal curriculum. In addition to studying Michael Porter to understand how large corporate clients’ executive boards and strategy departments are thinking about their business goals, I recommend focusing on the following 3 success factors to adapt: Read further >

Open Minds and Open Data

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on November 14, 2014

One of the biggest thrills in my life is when I meet people who are completely different from me – by culture, by experience, by age (unfortunately, there is no homepage dedicated to my grandpa!), etc. Starting discussions with them often means reflecting on my own ways of thinking and behavior, which is very exciting and which often leads to broadening my horizons. A similar WOW effect happens when I come across new open datasets, which cover a lot of knowledge in a concise manner, that help us to accelerate new business development.

Read further >

How Will the Midterm Election Results Affect Medicaid Expansion?

Law and Health Blog
Written by Law and Health Blog
on November 10, 2014

Although the question of Medicaid expansion is resolved in most states, there are a few where the outcome of the gubernatorial elections—and any changes in the composition of the legislature—may extend Medicaid to people currently in the coverage gap, uninsured adults with incomes below the federal poverty level (FPL). It is also possible that the Arkansas “private option” waiver could be in danger, and it would not be replaced by expansion of traditional Medicaid. In Maine, Florida, and Wisconsin, the replacement of a Republican governor with a Democrat may make the difference. Read further >

Wolters Kluwer CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search

Kirsten van Engelenburg
Written by Kirsten van Engelenburg
on November 07, 2014

In October, Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting launched CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search, a free browser add-on that displays IntelliConnect subscriber content in a box above a search engine’s search results. So, whether customers are using Google, Yahoo! or Bing, they no longer need to alternate between research tools – it’s one and done. This allows accountants to search the way they normally would – using a simple, familiar, search engine – and saves them valuable time because they can access reliable Wolters Kluwer, CCH content on their favorite search engine without logging into IntelliConnect. Read further >

Should the Role of the Law Librarian in Law Firm Business Development Expand?

John Barker
Written by John Barker
on October 27, 2014

There are several articles recommending that law firms leverage the expert search and knowledge management (KM) expertise of law library staff in business development. For example, in an article posted at Altman Weil, Nina Cunningham suggests two actions law library staff might take to enhance their role in law firm business development, namely, (1) partner closely with the IT department of the firm and (2) become an expert in the firm’s major practice groups. Partnering with the IT department is essential because IT often controls access to all KM technologies in the firm, including firm-wide portals/intranets and practice group distribution lists. Expertise in a practice area enables law library staff to create ever more relevant search alerts for members of the practice group and gain deeper insight into the preferred channels for each member to receive bizdev-related current awareness (smartphone/tablet, Intranet, RSS, social media, etc.). Another article posted at recommends that law library staff should partner closely with the firm’s marketing department – and to be sure that the marketing teams give proper credit to law library staff that help in running queries, analyzing search results, and creating profiles of clients, their competitors and the firm’s competitors. But there is much more value that the law library can provide. Read further >

Highlight on Hawaii: Can a Turn to the Business Realm Cure the Aloha State’s Ailing Exchange?

Law and Health Blog
Written by Law and Health Blog
on October 24, 2014

The Hawaii Health Connector, the state’s Health Insurance Exchange, announced the appointment of its new executive director recently. Jeffrey Kissel, the former CEO of HawaiiGas, will become the Exchange’s third director within the last year when he replaces current interim director, Tom Matsuda. Besides leadership turnover, the Exchange in Hawaii has experienced several other issues since its creation in 2013, including funding and provider shortages. Unlike other Exchange directors, Kissel does not have a background in the health or insurance industry. So will this change be the cure for what ails the Hawaii Exchange as the upcoming enrollment season approaches? Moreover, to what extent have other state Exchanges’ successes or failure stemmed from leadership in those Exchanges? Read further >

The Earth is Flat

Christian Dirschl
Written by Christian Dirschl
on October 20, 2014

As we all know, the model of a flat earth in contrast to a globe was a common idea even until Columbus tried to sail from Europe to India. He had to face doubts in his crew as well as whether the Earth was really round, so that there was no danger of “falling off the edge.” This model reflects our everyday perception that we stand firmly on the ground and, for example, water is not flowing away from us – following the curvature of the Earth. So, there is actually some ratio and common sense behind it.

But when people acknowledged that Earth in fact was round, a whole new world not only in the literary sense opened up to them and things became possible and even inevitable that were beyond imagination before.

I think that our civilization today is currently figuring out again that the world is round!

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